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Talent is the prime propeller of growth, and at EMINENCE – we understand this. With a rich history in technology and IT Outsourcing - We were founded close to a decade ago, to match our clients with top talent in the IT industry. The fulcrum of our success, is finely balanced between our quality and timely service, and our ethos of long lasting trusting relationships with clients. The core of our services were consistently perfected in the last decade – towards providing Excellent End to End IT Staffing and Recruitment services, that can cater across dinosaur technologies to the newest niche. WE have closed several hundred positions across several domains and locations PAN Europe and Asia – while providing a climate of trust and assurance.

Our Story

Our founders – started off from a time, when outsourcing and staffing were a luxury that only the big sharks could afford. When the screeching sound of a fax machine was the only sound of happiness that a closure came with.

It’s the story of a few determined professionals with decades of experience and knowledge in staffing and hiring – who rose up to the moment amidst recession, and committed themselves to a company – that formed a part of the solution, and not of the problem – in IT Recruitment Globally.

Since then it has been a struggle to master the art of perfection in screening, sourcing, candidate stalling, pay rolling, compliance management and STAFFING that satisfies our clients entirely. The Story of Eminence is the Story of you! And that of every other job seeker who shuffled local trains and buses – and waited for long hours with a crushed hard copy resume, outside a managers cabin – due to the lack of a committed staffing agency. The story of Eminence – is also a part of your story! OUR Client! As you worked towards hiring the most talented and deserving candidates, who justify your projects.

Our Growth

Staffing postions closed in Lateral & Contract Hiring

Consistency in quality of profiles and focus on good client relationships, has been two of the key factors behind the success we celebrated in the last decade.

Our Process

Our Process in a Nutshell: The process of IT recruitment outsourcing includes 4 easy steps:-

  • 1) The analysis of a particular position’s requirements.
  • 2) The process of alerting qualified individuals to the opening of the position.
  • 3) The screening and selecting of qualified applicants.
  • 4) and the hiring and integration the new employee into the organizational structure.

Our Process in Brief

  • 1) “Staffing/recruitment Demand” breakdown The demand/request/requirement is the whole structured job description of the vacant position that the client is looking for. The first job of the Account manager or the recruiting team lead, is to break down this complex requirement and share it with the team.
  • 2) Sourcing the most relevant Talent/Candidate After the broken down request is shared, sourcing is the second step in the process. Our recruiters achieve quality sourcing - as the name suggests – until we find the right match.
  • 3) Screening the Resumes of the Candidates screening of profiles for the position based on eligibility, skill, experience and criteria is delicate process – in complex industries such as IT. These are done by technical screening team ,examining the information and skill sets in the candidate’s profiles – for a quality match with the request of the client.
  • 4) Submitting the MOST suitable resume The profiles are shared with the client, with a clear tracker and attached profile .
  • 5) Scheduling the interview.
  • 6) Background verification – Post selections With the rising cases in fake candidates, forged certificates and resumes that speak of credibility higher than the actual qualifications of the candidate; background verification has been identified as one of the most important functions of a IT Staffing firm. Once selected in the interview - our team of HR Professional’s will verify each detail mentioned on his Resume.
  • 7) Coordinating the offer letter We comply and coordinate with our clients, for all kinds of information and cooperation required from the candidate – to help ease the process to both parties .
  • 8) Coordinating onboarding Rolling out of the Offer letter is the final step in the interview process. We understand and manage the travel, onboarding date, POC details and provide complete follow up and coordination to both parties – until the candidate gracefully joins the company and is on boarded.
  • 9) End to end pay roll and compliance management . • Therefore, we at eminence are very strict about executing the pay roll process in accordance to the client guidelines, maintaining the compliance requirements. From the candidate onboards .

  • 10) Maintaining Low Attrition: A LOW attrition rate is the number one marker of a good IT Staffing agency. It is a delicate balance between maintaining good relations with candidates, taking care of their concerns in the correct manner and addressing the demands of the client – on a timely basis. It is achieved at eminence, by timely follow up – and a solution oriented approach - on when and where concerns and demands arise.
  • 11) Smooth Exit Process: Finally, the last step in this elaborate process – rests on the shoulders of a happy candidate who has earned a rich experience in the company, and wants to move on with his career – and a Client who is much benefited from the services of the candidate. The smooth exit process is facilitated by the company, in the following ways
    • 1) Making sure the candidate provides a proper notice period as per agreed terms, and Collecting the final approved time sheet from the clients side.
    • 2) Completing the Asset handover from the candidate and management of the same.
    • 3) Completing the exit process with full and final settlement. Making sure client and candidate both have a smooth exit process.
    • 4) Providing and exit interview to the candidate, for a mutually positive exit process.

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