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Excellent Permanent and contract staffing outsourcing services, in US IT and UK IT recruitment. Stay ahead in quality with our leading C2H, temp and perm hiring in talent acquisition services.

Permanent Staffing

A permanent/perm staffing solution provider takes care of Hunting, talent acquisition, screening, interviewing, and placing the talent with the client’s organization.

Contract Staffing

Contract/C2H/temp staffing is the hiring of a candidate on the staffing companies payroll – while working on a contract with the end client company.

RPO Services

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing helps your organization in building highly effective teams and minimizes the overall hiring cost.

HR Services

HR IT outsourcing in HR Recruitment has become a trustworthy path for corporate companies to focus on core business operations.

Payroll Management

The payroll services process is all about arriving at what is due to the employees, i.e., the Net Pay after making the necessary tax adjustments and other deductions.

Campus Recruitment

A campus recruitment drive not only requires a trained panel, but also a good process that keeps an eye out for diamonds.

Stay one step ahead with Eminence Technosystem.

At Eminence Technosystem, we have an unparalleled understanding of IT infrastructure and software recruitment. With experience in digital transformation, big data, machine learning, cloud computing, talent acquisition and more. our IT hiring and recruitment pros help source the highest quality talent for your business.outsource your dream team through the industry leading temp/perm HR agency.

  • Save Guaranteed Time And Money
  • Hire From A Broader Network Of Talent
  • Replacement Guarantee

Eminence - Leader in staffing outsourcing

Eminence Technosystem is a industry leader in IT Recruitment and Staffing Services. we have a broad network of candidates and connections & a refined outsourcing process built over a decade, to serve your IT requirements in talent acquisition - that ranges from fixed term employment(FTE), Permanent(Perm) Staffing , Contract(temp) Recruitment , Contract to hire(c2h) services and UK & US Staffing/Recruitment.

  • Save Guaranteed Time and Money
    Save Guaranteed Time and Money by saving time spent in reviewing hundreds of resumes, qualifying candidates, check references, screen resumes etc
  • Hire From a broader Network of Talent
    Our pipeline of qualified candidates comes with genuinity and assurance, over passive candidates looking for a job.
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WE have closed several hundred positions across several domains and locations PAN Europe and Asia – while providing a climate of trust and assurance.

What Questions Do Our Customers Ask Most Often?

Get your most common questions from IT outsourcing answered, while consulting us.

01What kind of Recruitment Services do you provide?

Eminence is a decades old recruitment and staffing provider, who has built the core of its services to provide excellent permanent and contract staffing services - across technologies and domains.

As a leader in staffing and recruitment, we support IT contract and staffing requirements across India, US and UK.

Eminence is a industry leading temp/perm hiring agency; that comes with a promise of stellar quality of profiles, with laser sharp turn around time and replacement guarantee. We provide you a dedicated desk, that caters to all your talent acquisition needs.

We maintain one account manager who dedicatedly works for your requirement, also serving as your POC. Also, as a leader staffing vendor - we have well refined hiring processes that range from portal submissions, referrals, internal database to Linkedin and Stack sourcing.

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